Lol a pet contest third week !

5 March 2017By LillycatFrom the workshop 4 Comments

Hi everybody ! Here are the pictures of the third week 🙂 Still few days to enter, do don’t forget to mail me your picture. 57*Seguchi 58*Callie 59*Ellie 60*Rawrhug 61*Myria 62*Navi Moon Art 63*Ichigow93 64*Dfzez 65*MarleneCloud 66*JanLii 67*Mr.Cat 68*I-love-pascal 69*Fisa 70*Elo Dolly 71*Axolotl 72*Mary 73*Mirky TO BE VERIFIED 74*CabaretClubs 75*Préséa 76*KezzieZ 77*Paige Velcro 78*Madoka 79*Matryoshka … Read More

Lol a pet contest second week !

24 February 2017By LillycatFrom the workshop 9 Comments

Hi everybody ! Here is the second week entries for the Lol a pet contest. Thank you for entering the contest ! Still some time before the end and the draft to choose the winners of the Ninon Plum and Lana 😉 28*SarahBoude 29*Bubblefine 30*Cat 31*Kas 32*CAT 33*Caro 34*Sherry 35*Mari-chan 36*Kiki 37*Rachel 38*Tara 39*Czikita 40*Kit … Read More

Lol a pet contest first week !

13 February 2017By LillycatFrom the workshop 1 Comment

Hi, As promised here are the submissions received for this first contest week ! Thanks to the participants 🙂 Contest is open until March the 9th. 1* Thiya 2*Jessykka 3*Kiyakotari 4*Lysandra 5*Eclair 6*Lilith in tenebris 7*Wrenbe 8*Dianne Sarah 9*Penerô Xerem 10*LeOrkid 11*Suavemente 12*Sassa 13*Frey 14*GamerGirlLexi 15*Jasper ( dog ) 16*Hpalligator 17*Marha 18*Merlin 19*J.Cats 20*Akane 21*Glenn … Read More


7 February 2017By LillycatFrom the workshop 10 Comments

Hi ! I would like to share with you a little more of my work process, especially on artist doll. In my personal and professional life I am experimenting a new way to grasp life,  during last year I felt really unhappy with how things were turning on, feeling like I was suffocating and needed  something … Read More

Amy, new doll is coming !

24 January 2017By LillycatFrom the workshop No Comments

Hi, Today I would like to introduce to you a new girl in my doll family. Her name is Amy,  she is medium size around 40cm tall, and has the new medium size legs ! Many collectors were complaining about the old knees, and I have done my best to improve the system. I think … Read More

New ooak doll completed !

19 January 2017By LillycatFrom the workshop 3 Comments

Hi ! Hope everybody is fine 🙂 Since some weeks I work most of the time on Ooak dolls, it is great to have time to make more ooak dolls. I just finished this little girl, called Sun,  she is the second from this mold.  Sun is available only as OOAK doll, same for her … Read More

Unavailable this week-end !

8 December 2016By LillycatMiscellaneous 5 Comments

Hello ! Lana preorder will open in less than one day now and I must say I am a little bit nervous ! I am alway nervous before opening a preorder even after years, each time I wonder if collector will love the doll or not. So breath and wait 🙂 I wanted to let … Read More