Lol and win a doll 2020 edition

Hi everybody !
I guess it is time to talk about the contest, give you all the details and explain the rules !
Are you ready ?! =^^=


Contest opens from May the 17h at 09:00 (UTC time), to June the 17th at 23:00 (UTC time) 2020.
On June the 17th me and my family will choose the 20 best entries, then we will make a draft to determine the winners !


** First prize is the first Medium size Ellana in PNS skin ! She will come with artist faceup and wig.

** Second price is a beautiful Kitty Jolie in White skin with artist faceup and wig.

** The 18 remaining entries will receive a 10% discount ticket to use during the preorder of their choice.



And now  the contest rules !
I hope it is clear, but if not feel free to email me at or ask your questions in the comments 😉

For this new Lol contest I decided to give a theme.
2020 theme is : Holidays at home… =^^=

1) Please note it is a Lol / Meme contest, which means you will have to produce a picture in the spirit of the internet Meme or a funny picture,
as you know the point with this contest since several years of existance is to get fun all together especially on those very special times we are all going through…

As I know everybody don’t have a pet, this year you will be allowed to make a funny picture with a pet, a situation or yourself as long as this picture is fun and respect the theme of the contest.
So take your time to think about your picture and make it as funny as possible before publishing your entry.

2)For this 2020 Contest you will have to post your picture on your social media Instagram and Facebook ( no twitter or other as I don’t use them and won’t be able to see your picture there )

First post your picture in PUBLIC so I can see it.
Second, use the #lolandwinadoll2020, invite a friend and notify me in your post @lillycat.
Important only the entries that respect the rules will be accepted, so please be careful if you want to play !

3)As usual only one entry by person, please respect this point.

4) Photo montage, modified photo, drawing, and even short clip are approved.

5)Important, entries that don’t respect the rules won’t be accepted, so please be careful if you want to enter the contest.

6) Don’t hesitate to talk about the contest around you, the more we are the funniest it will be and I know pet pictures are loved on Internet.
So ready for some hapiness therapy ?!
See you soon guys =^^=

Here are some exemple from the past contest :


  • Hello,

    I’m sorry to bother you, but I wondered if there was any news on the Lol and Win a Doll contest?

    I hope you are having a fantastic week!

    Thank you,


  • Hello I apologize but for the inconvenience I wanted to ask you if there is now any information regarding a date for Charlie’s pre-order sorry so much for the inconvenience

    • Hello

      I should make a preorder this year for her in Pink pns and light caramel.
      I don’t have the date schedule yet.
      Kind regards

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