Kitty grey skin extra order

7 February 2018By LillycatSales 6 Comments

Hi ! I am making a small order to my manufacturer for Kitty in grey skin for few collectors, if you want to be add in, and place an order please mail me at Please note than now, over 400€ of order ( including the shipping fees ) you can have a 4 times … Read More

A new doll is coming !

10 October 2017By LillycatSales 4 Comments

Please welcome Newt ! She is one of my new doll and will be available on stock sale on October the 12th. She has a brand new body the Curvy body, with double jointed knee. For me she looks like Poulpy sister. She is medium size. Definitely one of my favorite, so it is a … Read More

Cute Chibbi Lana

3 October 2017By LillycatMiscellaneous 1 Comment

Hi everybody, I decided to post on the blog, the best pictures and customs made by my collectors with their doll. Today I would like to share with you, this amazing Chibbi Lana custom made by Satu Räsänen. I really love what she has done with her ! You can see more of her work here … Read More

Moon arrival

29 September 2017By LillycatMiscellaneous

When Tanja one of my great collector, send me a picture of her Moon arrival ! Isn’t she Cute ? Feel free to mail me your dolls arrival and customization pictures, I will post the best here on the blog 🙂 !

Ellana is back !

12 September 2017By LillycatFrom the workshop, Sales

Hi ! Hope everybody is fine and had a great summer 🙂 I know I don’t post often here and need to take more time to give you update on the incoming project. Today I am happy to tell you that Ellana is coming back in a new version on Plum body. She now looks … Read More

Welcome back Poulpy !

4 May 2017By LillycatSales 9 Comments

Hi guys ! Hope everybody is fine 🙂 Quick post with I guess a good new for Poulpy’s lovers. Poulpy and her chubby belly are back and waiting for you ! She will be on preorder from May the 12th to the 22th. As I received many mails of collectors looking for one I decided … Read More

Please welcome Ninon Plum !

13 April 2017By LillycatSales 1 Comment

Ninon is coming back in a new version called Plum. As you know I decided to stop the production of my Lune body ( large size ), it will be replaced by the Plum one. I love this body because of its curves and the way it stays in hands. I think also it is … Read More