Inside the workshop


Rachelle Bartel
, a.k.a Lillycat, is a sculptor and illustrator living in Toulouse, France.

Graduated from classic arts and after a few years working into communication, she turned towards comics and illustration in 2004, with her first series Minaloween, before getting into ball-jointed-dolls creation, with the making of her first prototype Sandre in 2005.
Benefiting from Lillycat's artistic background and sculpting craftsmanship, those first models, some of which were exhibited in art galleries, promptly attracted attention for their quality and unique personality.

Since then, Lillycat creates pieces of various styles and sizes, from the cartoon lolita to the slender beauty, and sells them to collectors all around the world, running this dollmaking activity full-time from her workshop.




Customizable dolls

In order to respond to a diversfied demand
, Lillycat developped two distinct ranges of dolls.

The customizable collection models are prototyped in France and manufactured in Asia, in close collaboration with subcontractors specialized in doll production.

Cast in top-quality resin, exclusively from original Lillycat's models, the dolls are then sanded and assembled before being sended to the french workshop, where Lillycat carries out quality check, packing and shipping of all orders.
Collaborating with a company dedicated to casting allows her to offer a product of professional quality that is more affordable than models form the Art Dolls range.

Cutsomizable dolls are usually sold blank or with a default-makeup option, allowing collectors to create their own style.

Art dolls

The Art Dolls models
are artisanal pieces 100% made in France, in Lillycat's workshop, where she executes herself molding, casting, assembling and panting.
These models are created with one-of-a-kind colors, customization and accessories, and offered only in single copy or very limited series.

On her Art Dolls, Lillycat expresses her whole range of illustrating and painting artist skills through forceful or subtle tatoos, rich details, handmade clothes and special resin materials.

For advanced collectors!


The workshop

Lillycat's workshop is located in the Saint-Michel district of Toulouse, France.
Dolls are designed, sculpted, and prototyped here. It's also here that orders and shipping are managed for all the customers around the world.

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