How to buy on the shop?

How does it work?

This online store sales only exclusive and original doll models created by Lillycat. These pieces being manufactured in short series, only a limited amount of orders can be validated for each model. This is why the shop work with it's own system called session sales.

The shop can offer two different types of session sales :

1. The limited series sale

On a given date, a set amount of pieces will be put on sale. The first buyers will be the first served. Once all the models are sold out, the sale is automatically stopped.

2. The limited period sale

During a set period (usually several weeks), one or more models will be put on sale, and ready for ordering by any customer. Any order placed and paid during this period will be validated and put in production once the sale is closed


Outside sale sessions, no model will be available on the shop nor by direct emailing. However, some accessories or optionnal parts could be available on a permanent way, as long as the stock permits it.
Once a model or accessory is sold out, it keeps visible on the shop, but with the mention *SOLD OUT*, which means it's no more available for ordering until further notice.
For any session sale, the conditions and opening date will be announced in advance on the shop. If you don't want to take any risk to miss a sale that interests you, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and to follow us on our various social networks accounts : Facebook, Twitter, ot Instagram.

And the Art Dolls ?

The models sold in the "Art Dolls" section are special pieces handcrafted in France by Lillycat herself, and usually customized in totally unique piece or very short series. Therefore they are sold case-by-case directly on the shop, when one of them happens to be available.
Don't hesistate to follow us on social networks to keep informed of the incoming Art Dolls sales!

In-stock or pre-order?

During sale sessions, the available models can be sold on a stock basis, or by pre-ordering them.

In-stock models

When sold on a stock basis, dolls are already in the workshop's stock and are sold to the first clients who order them. You need to be careful if you want to buy an in-stock doll, as the amount of pieces is already set so the sales are limited.
The maximum processing time for an in-stock model order is 3 weeks (21 days) after the full payment, at the conclusion of which the order is sended to the customer.


Some dolls are put on sale under the principle of pre-order : Copies are available for purchasing/reservation during a defined period, and put into production as soon as ordering quota or end date is reached.
A processing and fabrication time of 3 months (90 days) is necessary before the order is shipped.
The copies being manufactured on demand, order cancellation is not possible between the moment of the order and shipping. Orders placed by check or bank transfer will be cancelled if actual payment isn' t confirmed within 5 days.


How to pay my order?

Payment can be done exclusively by Paypal (with an account or directly via credit card), except for french customers that can use check payments, too.

Payment in several instalments (Layaway)

For your orders, my shop offers the possibility to pay in several monthly payments. Those payment facilities are free of extra charges.

The layaway offer depends on your order amount :
• You can pay in 2 or 3 times with no minimum order.
• You can pay in up to 4 times for an order of 400€ or more.
• You can pay in up to 5 times for an order of 500€ or more.

First installment will be set on order, and following ones each 30 days. Order will be shipped as soon as all instalments are paid.
Warning : No refund of the paid amounts will be granted in case of order cancellation between 2 instalments.

How to ask for a layaway payment ?

1. Once your products are added to your cart, go to you CART page, and click on "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT".
2. Fill/check your billing details.
3. Scroll down to the "Choose your payment method" section and choose "2-times Layaway Paypal", "3-times Layaway Paypal" or "4 or 5-times Layaway Paypal" according to the payment plan you want (remember that 4-times and 5-times layaways are only available for orders higher than 400€ and 500€ respectively).
4. If you chose "4 or 5-times Layaway Paypal", please fill the Order notes field by indicating whiwh plan you want.
5. Check the terms & conditons and click on "PLACE ORDER".
6. Once your order is placed, you will first receive a confirmation email, then a second email will be sended to you within 24h to give you the Paypal payment address and your instalments schedule.


What about the -15% prices for non-EU customers?

In order to guarantee the best equality between customers from all around the world, Lillycat decided to absorb the cost of the french taxes (set at 20%) in her selling prices.
In this way:

  French and european customers will keep paying the same prices as usual;
  Customers outside the EU will buy at a duty-free price (and so reduced by about 15%), which counterbalances customs duties and higher shipping fees.

If you're visiting the store with a non-EU IP address (which means you're browsing from a country outside of the EU), actual selling prices are already automatically displayed including this reduction.


What are the shipping time and costs?

Time limit

  In France, delivery is made by Registered Colissimo Expert , with signature and shipping insurance. The indicative delivery time is 48 hours starting from shipping day.
  Out of France, delivery is made by Colissimo Expert International, with signature, shipping insurance and tracking number. Indicative delivery timev varies from 4 to 15 days starting from shipping day, according to the country of delivery. Online tracking is available for most of the destinations on the La Poste's website.

Shipping fees

Shipping fees vary according to the total weight of your order as to your delivery zone, which is defined by your location during your inscription on the shop. They're specified at the moment of each order.

You can learn everything you need to know about every aspect of ordering on by reading our General Conditions of Sale.