Hi !

I am making a small order to my manufacturer for Kitty in grey skin for few collectors, if you want to be add in, and place an order please mail me at order@lillycat.net
Please note than now, over 400€ of order ( including the shipping fees ) you can have a 4 times layaways, and over 500€ a 5 times layaways.

Thank you !



  • Hello! I had been out of the hobby for a few years.. but just recently was pulled back in by a few friends! 🙂 I did not know of your dolls until recently, I was shown a Kitty Jolie at a meet a couple of months ago and was instantly smitten!! This post was made on my birthday, I SO wish I had known of you sooner, sad I missed a chance at this lovely doll. I did recently find a Kitty Jolie in antique pink on DoA, I will be her 3rd owner! I am so happy to have found her! 🙂 I do hope to purchase more of your dolls, hopefully direct from you! Best, Ann in USA (playdoll on DoA, Kitty Ann on FB)

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