Please welcome Newt !
She is one of my new doll and will be available on stock sale on October the 12th.
She has a brand new body the Curvy body, with double jointed knee.
For me she looks like Poulpy sister.
She is medium size.
Definitely one of my favorite, so it is a very special moment for me to offer her for sale.
Hope you will love her too 🙂



  • I hace just missed the sale of Newt pink tan. I world Line to know when is going to be on sale again. I am really interested in it
    Cristina Serrano

  • hello I wanted to ask for information, do you have any dolls in stock? if yes which in case, could you send me various photos of them plus their price and shipping (I really like Amy Charlie and chibi newt in medium dark skin toalita like caramel or light caramel but I don’t mind, not even in pns) without face up and in case I would like to ask if it is possible to pay in installments

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