Hi everybody !

I guess it is time to talk about the contest, give you all the details and explain the rules !
Are you ready ?! =^^=

Contest opens from February the 6th at 09:00 (UTC time), to March the 9th at 23:00 (UTC time).

On March the 10th I will choose and make an annoucement of the 10 best entries above all.
After that, I will make a draft to determine the winners !

** First prize is a Ninon Plum in PNS skin, with faceup made by myself and a handmade wig
( clothes on pictures are not included ). Ninon Plum is about 60cm tall and has the new large size body. 

** Second prize : a Chibbi Lana in PNS skin with default faceup.

** The 7 remaining entries will receive a 10% discount ticket to use during Ninon Plum preorder !

** I will also run a second draft on all the entries to offer 3 discount tickets of 5% to use during the Ninon Plum preorder only.


And now for the contest rules. I hope it is clear, but if not feel free to email me or ask your questions in the comments 😉

1) It is a ” Lol a pet ” contest, which means all kind of pets are allowed.
I don’t want cute pictures, but funny pictures. Make me laught guys  !
The point is to have fun all together, with fun pictures, for exemple one dog + one hat = can give a fun picture ^^ ( I don’t want to receive only pets with a hat ok ^^ it is just to give an example. )
It is possible to found so much ideas to make a fun pet picture. So take time to think about your picture and make it as funny as possible before sending your entry.

2) Only one entry by person. Please respect this point

3) Only personal pictures, no drawings.
Photo montage, modified photo are approved, but only using your personal pictures. Please do not use pictures found on internet !!
I wil verify the picture before approved them to be sure it is your personal picture, in order to respect intellectual property. It is an important point for me. 

4) Send in your email with the picture the form below.

Only emails with the complete form will be approved

  • E-mail address
  • Identity : Name and last Name (will be confidential and won’t figure on the website of course)
  • Nickname : The one you want to figure on the contest page

5) Image size and format :

  • JPG and PNG are accepted
  • Minimum size is 600px wide, maximum size is 1000px wide

6) Contest email is winadoll@lillycat.net
Send your pictures to this email only!

Only entries which respect the contest rules and with the completed form will be accepted, I will refuse all the others.
Please be careful on this point.

Here are some exemples of pictures I received and accepted during the last contest :

I will contact the winners after the results to give them the information necessary to get their prizes.
Regarding the second prize ( Lana ), there will be a delay to receive your doll, as Lana is part of the current preorder and the dolls are in production.

There will be a blog post each week, to show you the entries and share the fun !
Don’t hesitate to talk about the contest around you, the more we are the funniest it will be and I know pet pictures are loved on Internet.
So ready for some hapiness therapy ?!
See you soon guys =^^=




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