Hi !

I would like to share with you a little more of my work process, especially on artist doll.
In my personal and professional life I am experimenting a new way to grasp life,  during last year I felt really unhappy with how things were turning on,
feeling like I was suffocating and needed  something else.
Of course it was not that  I don’t feel happy to see collectors loved my work and kept following me after all those years, but something in my work was missing.
I think I found the answer paradoxically by working less and taking more time to go outside in the nature.
Nature, and time to breath,  gave enough distance in my work to see things on a different angle.

During years I was looking for perfection, the perfect cast, the perfect make up, the perfect doll, but nothing is perfect and hopefully we are not neither.
Factories are really strong to make the perfect cast smooth  and all, and it is great for ready to custom as collectors need to appropriate the doll in their own univers.
But for artist doll, for my artist doll I think it is not what I want to share.

I am allergic to resin as some of you may be know, but keep on using this material since 10 years now because it is very versatile.
Keep on working with this instead of leave for porcelain or another material can seem strange but beside the allergy problem I think resin is very representative of
our modern world.
I was wondering how I can do to put together the fact of working with a plastic material and wanting more nature in my life, and the way I choosed is to bring those
both together.
I would like to add nature inside resin, because in our modern life we still need to breath and to spend time in nature.
This is why I would like to start a experiment on artist doll combining the resin with something more beautiful and full of senses.

First experiment is a Li mëi made with resin and Oak’s ash.
Oak tree became ash with fire, ash became a doll. Love this idea of transformation, nothing really end and  everything transforms in a way.
On this doll there is accident, the surface is not perfect, because the material inside is not either and it gives this doll more power.
Can’t wait to experiment more, probably I needed this dark period to understand some things and find back inspiration and what I would like to tell with my work.
Now I feel in peace 🙂


Some quick tests with other materials love how they look. Unperfect and so rich of details !!

Isn’t this material amazing love all those marks and tinies accidents !!



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