Today I would like to introduce to you a new girl in my doll family.
Her name is Amy,  she is medium size around 40cm tall, and has the new medium size legs !
Many collectors were complaining about the old knees, and I have done my best to improve the system.
I think those new knees work really well without loosing the aesthetic I love on legs.
Hope you will love them too !
Regarding Amy I sculpted her head last year, it is always a very long process for me from the idea, to the resin doll,
and as each time a project comes to it’s end I have this strange feeling between happiness and something else.
She has a strange face, and in a way reminds me a lot Constantine but in my current style. I think she can be very polyvalent.
Can’t wait to see what collectors will do with her.
For her first preorder she will be available in Pns and Caramel 🙂
I don’t have the date for the preorder yet, as I still have to make the pictures for the sale and finish her custom, but I will give you some
news as soon as possible.
As always thank you very much for your interest and support over those years it means a lot to me.

Rachelle =^^=