Poulpy – Translucent Candy


Poulpy  on MDL body in Translucent Candy skin. 
Original exclusive design. Full doll, stringed, sanded. Face makeup in option.

Sold out. 


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Warning :

This is a PREORDER sale, which means the production of the doll will begin at the end of the sale period.

Production time is about 150 days, could be a little longer depending of the amount of orders received.
Making a bjd is a long process, from the resin cast, to sanding, assembly and quality check.
This is the time necessary to offer you a top quality collectible doll ! 

In order to be able to manage the orders in the best way possible and to provide a quality after-sales service,
the preorder may be stopped before the end date if the volume of orders received is too high. I will give notification
if it happens before closing the sale of course.
Although the idea of a preorder is to offer to the most of you a chance to place an order without the stress and rush
of a private or stock sale,  my main concern is still offering to my collectors to the best quality and after sales service I can.

Please also note, that this doll is an artdoll handcraft sculpt and designed by me, produced in resin for you by a very small team,
this not a toy and is not suitable for kids.




Please welcome back  Poulpy !
This is a long time since the last preorder and for this special occasion and come back,
I decided to offer her in very special and new color style Translucent shade.
This translucent resin offer so much subtle hue depending of the light.
As you will see in the pictures below for the faceup I decided to use a different technique with a first layer of paint
on the face to offer a support to the details despite of the transparency.
This is why there is a difference in the color in comparison with the blank face.
To prevent any damage to your doll faceup please avoid touching the face directly and take care of keeping it away from sharp object.

Poulpy has the ” Mort de Lol body ” which I must admit is one of my favorite, because of its perfect size.
You can bring her everywhere with you in your bag.

Measurements :

Tall : 29cm
Head circumpherence : 20.5cm
Neck circumpherence : 5cm
Chest circumpherence : 10cm
Waist circumpherence : 14cm
Hips circumpherence : 21cm
Leg lenght : 13.5cm
Arm lenght : 9cm
Eyes size : 18mm
Foot size : 4cm

Included in the set :
• A complete Poulpy doll, stringed and sanded, without faceup.
• A pair of magnetic Cat’s ears.
• Resin color is “ Translucent Candy”.
• A pair of glass eyes of 18 mm, “random” color.
• A certificate of authenticity with identification number.
• As gift a carriage bag Cerisedolls.

In option :

• Default make-up, face only (as showed below).
Body blushing isn’t included.
Make-up realised by my manufacturer from my original design.


Sold out.
Shipping within 15 days after full payment. 

Colours may vary depending on your computer’s screen set up. 



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Weight 1,1 kg
Dimensions N/A

Preorder Blank, Preorder Make up


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