Millie Choupie – Pink Pns


Millie Choupie Light Caramel on Classic body v.04.

Original exclusive design. Full doll, stringed, sanded. Face makeup in option.

Doll in stock.




Warning :

This is a PREORDER sale, which means the production of the doll will begin at the end of the sale period.

Production time is about 150 days, could be a little longer depending of the amount of orders received.
Making a bjd is a long process, from the resin cast, to sanding, assembly and quality check.
This is the time necessary to offer you a top quality collectible doll ! 

In order to be able to manage the orders in the best way possible and to provide a quality after-sales service,
the preorder may be stopped before the end date if the volume of orders received is too high.


Although the idea of a preorder is to offer to the most of you a chance to place an order without the stress and rush
of a private or stock sale,  I may have to close  the preorder before the end date if the amount of orders received is too high.
Because I want to keep managing and working on your order and doll in the best way possible and keep offering you
the best quality and after sales service I can.


Please also note, that this doll is an artdoll handcraft sculpt and designed by me, produced in resin for you by a very small team,
this not a toy and is not suitable for kids.






Please welcome back Millie Choupie !!

Millie is a very special doll for me. She is one of my first design, and still my favorite.
I love how versatile she can be, and really happy to bring her back for this preorder today.
Hope you will love her as much as I do 🙂

She is about 41cm tall.
Her body was design to offer great posability, with curvy and elegant line.
She has the ” Classic v.04″ with improved knee and a more realistic belly part !

Measurements :

Tall : 41cm
Head circumpherence : 16cm
Neck circumpherence : 6cm
Chest circumpherence : 12.4cm
Waist circumpherence : 10cm
Hips circumpherence : 19.5cm
Leg lenght : 22cm
Arm lenght : 11,2cm
Eyes size : 8mm
Foot size : 5.2cm 

Included in the set :
• A complete Millie Choupie  doll, stringed and sanded, without faceup.
• Resin color is “Pink P
• A pair of glass eyes of 8 mm color “random”.
• A certificate of authenticity with identification number.
• As a gift an exclusive Cerisedolls carriage bag.

In option :

• Default make-up, face only (as showed below).
Body blushing isn’t included.
Make-up realised by my manufacturer from my original design.


Doll in stock.
Colours may vary depending on your computer’s screen set up.