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Lyse real skin Artist faceup ooak 

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I am happy to introduce today Lyse in Real skin with Artist’s faceup, wig + kimono by Tanja Huntus.
She is part of my Artist faceup dolls series.
Dolls sold in this series, have faceup and wig made by me, each one is unique.
I decided to work on this doll’s series to offer the same kind of dolls that I usually have during covention,
but available online for collector who can’t come to event.

Measurements :

Tall : 57.5cm
Head circumpherence : 20.5cm
Neck circumpherence : 8cm
Chest circumpherence : 17cm
Waist circumpherence : 12cm
Hips circumpherence : 25cm
Leg lenght : 29.5cm
Arm lenght : 16.5cm
Eyes size : 12mm
Foot size : 6.5cm

Included in the set :
• A complete Lyse doll, stringed and sanded on original Lune body, with Artist faceup.
• Leather and hot glue sueded body.
• Resin color is “Real”.
• A pair of glass eyes of 12 mm same color than picture.
• An hand made wig in Viscose fibers.
• Kimono by Tanja Huntus.
• A certificate of authenticity with identification number.
• As a gift an exclusive Cerisedolls carriage bag.

Sold out.
Due to monitor, actual colors could vary.
Shipping within 15 days after full payment.