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Chibbi Ninon in Green skin.
Original exclusive design. Full doll, stringed, sanded. Face makeup in option.

Out of stock.

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Please welcome Chibbi Ninon, she is a tiny version of my medium size doll Ninon !
Her body is a tiny version of the Curvy body.
Ninon is now available in a size you can take everywhere with you !
For this first stock sale she is available in new color, green skin.
She is also available with exclusive Artist faceup in option. Limited to 5 dolls. 

Measurements :

Tall : 30cm
Head circumpherence : 13cm
Neck circumpherence : 4.5cm
Chest circumpherence : 8.5cm
Waist circumpherence : 7.5cm
Hips circumpherence : 18cm
Leg lenght : 15.5cm
Arm lenght : 8.5cm
Eyes size : 8mm
Foot size : 3.9cm

Included in the set :
• A complete Chibbi Ninon doll, stringed and sanded, without faceup.
• Resin color is “Green”.
• A pair of glass eyes of 08 mm, “random” color.
• A certificate of authenticity with identification number.
• As gift a carriage bag Cerisedolls.

In option :

Artist faceup Limited to 5 dolls. 
Body blushing isn’t included.
Make-up realised by my manufacturer from my original design.

Available on April the 23th. 

* Please note that outfits and wig presented on pics below are not included in the set.
Out of stock. 


IMPORTANT // Doll  is in stock, but due to the current Covid issus the shipping is delayed until the situation get better.
It is not possible to ship package right now with the same insurance than usual, for this reason I have to wait the situation on this point is better
to prevent any loss during the travel. The doll will be shipped of course as soon as the delivery services are back to normal.
Make sure you are agree with this point before making an order.
Thank you for your understanding and stay safe !!

Second important point, I soften the layaways rules for this month, you will be able to pay all your order with 3 to 5 times payment plan
without amount limitation. Hope it will help. As usual feel free to mail me at if you have question.

Additional information

Weight 1,2 kg

No make-up, Standard make-up


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