Deavon – Caramel


Deavon on Realistic body.
Original exclusive design. Full doll, stringed, sanded. Default make-up option available.

Dolls available for preorder from June the 3th to the 19th 2019.



Deavon is a new doll available for the first time in the ” Ready to Custom ” line !

She is about 41cm tall.
Her body was design to offer great posability, with curvy and elegant line.
She has the new ” Realistic Body ” with double jointed knee !

Measurements :

Tall : 41cm
Head circumpherence : 17cm
Neck circumpherence : 6cm
Chest circumpherence : 13cm
Waist circumpherence : 12cm
Hips circumpherence : 20cm
Leg lenght : 19cm
Arm lenght : 11,5cm
Eyes size : 8mm
Foot size : 5cm x 2cm

Included in the set :
• A complete Deavon doll, stringed and sanded, without faceup.
• Resin color is “Caramel”.
• A pair of glass eyes of 08mm color random.
• A certificate of authenticity with identification number.
• As a gift an exclusive Cerisedolls carriage bag.

In option :

• Default make-up (as showed below), face only body blush ins’t included.

Outfit and wig presented on pics below are not included in the set.
Dolls available for preorder from June the 3th to the 19th 2019

*Please note that this is a preorder doll, which means the production time is around 115 days before delivery.
Color may vary depending on your screen settings.