Amy Ooak n°1


Amy Ooak n°1.
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Out of stock

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Amy Ooak n°1, is an Artist cast doll.

This doll is the very first Amy produced and available, she was fully made in my workshop in Toulouse.
For this OOAK  I choosed to offer Amy on a special body with different hips design and breast than those used in the ready to custom line.
This special version of my 40cm body was never sold before.
The resin color is also one of a kind.
The process to make this doll took me weeks of work, from the molding, to parts production ( drilling all the pieces, sanding work… )
When all the pieces of the doll are ready smooth and clean then starts the paint work.
I work slowly on this kind of doll because I have to take care of each tinies details, making sure the final result is as close as possible to the idea I have in mind.

For this doll I choosed to work using my favorite theme with  rabbits drawing.
In a way she looks pretty close to my first artist doll Sandre, and marks some kind of back to origines in my work.

Included :
*Amy OOAK  ( around 41cm tall ) with  8mm glace eyes.
*Hand made wig, from high quality synthetic fibers.
*Original drawing signed
*Authenticity certificate
*Second pair of hands ( same design than on pictures )
Please understand that it is not a toy but an Artdoll and for this reason as to be handle with care.
I work on her only using professional material and varnish but as a resin doll the more you will take care of her the best it will be.
If you love the Amy face but want to make your own custom then please wait the regular preorder for ready to custom line, as there will be
blank doll made by my manufacturer available.

Now regarding the sale, as I received several customers mails interested by this doll, I decided to run a draft to choose the futur owner.
This sound fair, and will avoid trouble on the website as there is only one doll available.
If you are interested to purchase Amy n°1, please send me an email at before February the 23th, I will run the draft and contact you back at this moment.

Thank you for your interest and support.



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